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Dementia Care

A Memory Support Unit for people living with Dementia, that want to do some living.

DementiaLiving Model of Care

The DementiaLiving Model of care honours that there is still a life worth living after a diagnosis of dementia. There are three pillars that make up the DementiaLiving Model at NoosaCare and they are Environment, Engagement, and Food.


The environment has a huge impact on people living with dementia. The environment needs to be culturally appropriate to the person who comes to live with us. So what is the Culture of Noosa? Well, Noosa folk are a tribe of outdoor people. We swim in the ocean before work and walk our dogs along the river in the evenings. We hike through the rainforest in Noosa National Park on the weekend, after visiting the local farmers’ markets. People retire in Noosa from all over the globe to enjoy our lifestyle. In our Memory Support Unit this means large outdoor areas that represent the surrounding environment of the river, the beach, the rainforest and the rural area. In these areas you will find a huge mens shed,  a chook run edible gardens, a 25m flowing stream and a contemplation hut.  It is important that people can safely access these areas 24 hours per day if they choose, so the designing of these areas ensured this is possible.

Aged Care in Noosa


Engagement with family, staff and the community can improve the self-esteem of someone living with dementia by providing a daily purpose. Staff who work in Cartwright House are specifically selected, work exclusively in this area and are provided with on-going Education on Dementia. The idea of doing with the resident, not to the resident ensures it becomes a meaningful place for both residents and staff to be. Engagement with the Community occurs with numerous weekly bus trips around the beautiful Sunshine Coast and friendships with our large volunteer base. Families are always welcome, either in intimate areas inside for families to visit or large outdoor areas for grandchildren to explore. Flexible work routines ensure that staff have time to spend with residents watering the garden or doing activities inside such as art, dance or music.


Inspired by Maggie Beer and her dream to honour our elders by giving them happiness through their palate, we built two fully functional kitchens in our Memory Support Units a place where residents and staff can share in the joy of cooking. Flexible mealtimes allow residents a relaxed atmosphere where staff can sit and enjoy a meal with them. Families are always welcome to share in a meal in the dining room, or outside on one of the large decks. All food at NoosaCare is made from fresh, locally sourced produce and the edible gardens not only provides a sense of purpose for our residents when they harvest the food they have grown, but also when it is shared at mealtimes.

The Staff

Specially chosen staff have received extensive education in dementia and participate in the day to day life of the residents. They share meals together, wash up together, make bread together, laugh, cry and most importantly, they LIVE each day together.

The Staff of Noosacare have formed a partnership with Sunshine Coast University and have conducted several research projects to provide evidence behind the Dementia Living Model of Care. We are also involved at an Executive Level with the Lantern Project through Bond University. The Lantern Project’s purpose is to shine a light on the issue of food in aged care using good old fashioned fresh, local produce, and utilising the wisdom of our older residents.

Design & Hotel Services

Noosa is world famous for it’s stunning beaches and lush natural surrounds which has been the influence behind both the architecture and furnishings of the Memory Support Unit.  The building is designed to show our love of the outdoors by capturing natural light with floor to ceiling windows that open out onto expansive patios and gardens.  Inside, rooms and living areas are scattered with soft, natural colours and textures to reflect the Noosa lifestyle. Each single room with private ensuite looks onto beautifully landscaped gardens providing a peaceful outlook from every room.   Residents will benefit from the secure environment, however with our unique design the security in place will not be evident due to landscaping. A full functional kitchen will provide the opportunity for staff and residents to cook meals together and gather fresh herbs from our therapy gardens just like at home.  A wellness room also provides a private space for residents to enjoy a massage aromatherapy pamper packages. There is also an overnight private relatives’ room where loved ones can come and stay during the first few days of a resident’s admission to help with the adjustment.

The Gardens

Themed gardens are the highlight of the Memory Support Unit allowing residents to wander freely throughout  on beautiful meandering walkways. The design incorporates research from all over the world but brings it back home with our own unique design reflecting the Noosa lifestyle.  Each sector replicates areas where our residents have often  lived and worked all of their lives which brings a sense of calm  and familiarity in their new home.

The Rural Sector

Accustomed to escaping through the enclosures and gates on the farm– Residents are able to smell, touch and lay in the fresh grass, interact with the chickens, collect their eggs, feed them and gather fresh produce from the sensory gardens.  There is a men’s shed complete with tools and farm equipment and of course an old Mercedes Benz for tinkering.  Once all the ‘work’ is done there is plenty of patio room to sit back, relax and admire the gardens.

The Rainforest

The Rainforest provides a cool forest canopy, the trees delicately dissolving the light as vegetation grows up and around.  Escape the tropical sun and  relax on the timber seat. Residents can enjoy the sounds of the birds as they play in the bird bath and rest amongst the lush trees.

The River

Just like the Noosa River, our little version is a popular spot to listen to the lapping water as it runs over the smooth pebbles, and trickles under the timber bridge.  Look over the side of bridge, following  the bank amongst the soft tussock grasses, and lily pads and investigate the row boat has washed upon the shore.

Noosa Garden

The Beach

Something Noosa knows ALL about.  Smell the salt in the air, look at the palm trees and walk around the Pandanus trees.  Surf boards can be seen scattered along the paths as Residents take off their shoes and enjoy an early morning stroll.  Chill out under the shade of the umbrella and just enjoy the beach life.

The Location

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